208 history  my thoughts
Radio Luxembourg 208  - the station which was known as 'planet earths biggest commercial radio-station' influenced my whole life since I started listening back in 1977 aged 12. Listening to the great 208 was not only beeing entertaint - it was a way of life. Everyone who ever heard this station will never forget that special feeling, brought by the music, the jingles and especially by the brilliant DJ's. In 1933 Stephen Williams announced the first words : "This is Radio Luxembourg" ! In the late 40's 208 became a pioneer of sponsored radio programme. They've produced the very first Top 20 in 1947 ! They've first played Rock'n'Roll in 1957 ! The station was the first to play a Beatles song (Love me do) in 1962 ! They've teached us (DJ's) DJ-self-operating ! So, they really did nothing wrong ! 
I will never understand why this station must die after so many years of broadcasting. Sure, ratings have always presented a problem for Radio Luxembourg. The station was never considered in the German surveys and was also not officially listed in the British surveys. Faced with local competition and distribution problems the CLT closed down 208 in 1992 - let's say: in their greed of money and force was no place left for the station that once had 52 million listeners worldwide. No other station - however nice and big - will ever reach that level again. They took away 'our' station which first made radio the way we've wanted to hear thesedays - and wish to hear even more today in that forest of crap-radio.
I've built this page to thank all the DJ's for so many hours of wonderful entertainment. They really knew how to make radio - for the listener ! - not only for the account of a multi-media giant. As long as somebody hopefully will find a way to bring 208 back on the air again, let's remember the programme and of course the voices & the brillant jingles of the mighty 1440 on my pages.  "Let Luxy live on forever in (our hearts and in) our fondest memories!"   
                        Stephan Konrad, 1996