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February 3rd 2008
More Updates Sceduled This Year
I will run a few more updates this year. This will enclude most of all more soundfiles as you all have requested over the last month. If I will find the
time I also try to replace all the old scans with new ones in better quality and larger format. So keep visiting this Site from time to time. 
Please never stop your input, I'll try to answer every question and use all
your informations. Maybe you'd like to help me with this site? Please do contact me soon and we'll see what we can do. So for now, thanks again!
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September 7th 2005
The Legend Is Back !!!
Long time no entry here because nothing new seems to happen. Thanks for your input over the last couple of months. I will sort out all your infos and include them here soon. But now...
According to an e-mail by Laurent Mouzard the english service of Radio Luxembourg has started a 'pre-relaunch-program' at 11:00 UK time on Sunday the 4th of September. More infos on the exclusive relaunch-page.
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February 22nd 2003
DJ pages updated
Mike & Rob on the phone
I've made another big update in the DJ section. The 5 DJ pages  early  60s  70s  80s & 90s  are a bit redesigned. I received much e-mails with photos so there are only a few blancs left now! Also if you click now on a pic a new pop-up window with larger photos of each DJ will appear. And again I tried to keep the 3-part list    where are they now   updated. That's a lot of hard research work and thanks to everyone who has writtin in with some informations. Don't stop it!
The real highlights of this week were two phone calls yesterday. Finally, after 10 years I spoke to Mike Hollis again and he was as nice as I last met him in 1991. He promised me to view this site & maybe will look for some photos or anything to fill in here. I'm looking forward to that.
And even if that was'nt just enough - I also phoned Rob Jones. I caught him very busy after a meeting but he had time for a quick talk. He told me that he had visited my site before & he'll look for some things to fill in here as well. But I have to give him a few days to do that. I will.
What a pleasure it was to hear those two voices 'live' again. Maybe they will write some words here or a 'true story' from the 208 days. I'm sure they have a lot to tell about Luxembourg?! I'll stay in touch with Mike & Rob and  I will keep 208 and your memories with this site alive. See you here...
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January 5th 2003
yet another update
Let me say 'a very happy new year' to all of you out there. This Site still grows - but most of all with your input. I received a lot of mails from people from all over the world saying "thanks for the memories" and "keep this Site alive". So I will do - as you can see with this new update.
Unfortunately the new interactive service 'The Shoutbox' which I've enclosed last year didn't found much users so far. I though that this could be a good alternative to the old guestbook 'cause it features more contact possibilities between all the viewers of this site. Maybe I was wrong there. I'll wait 'til the next update and maybe close it down. To avoid that you can leave your comments now in the new   shoutbox  ! If you still prefer the guestbook - please go there.
Next week I'll try to phone Rob Jones and I will restart my search for Mike Hollis as well. I'll also try to meet Achim Graul (RTL Radio) in Luxembourg soon to get more infos and most of all a few pictures. I'm looking forward to all that and I hope you do as well. See you here...
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October 20th 2002
a new service included
Apart from the old 'guestbook' you can leave your comments now in the new   shoutbox  !
This is a very new service - infact also very new to this site - and it's really interactive.
Along with normal comments or greetings you can also get in touch with other users easily by leaving your message. There is also an opportunity to chat with other user if you find out that they're on the box at the same time as you. It'll bring more tempo once it's getting used here.
I guess the next big update will bring you loads more jingles and airchecks - so do come back.
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October 11th 2002
another big update
It's done today - another big update to this site! (published just a bit later as I thought)
I've decited to delete all the pages about the planned relaunch because after three years running we can be sure that Radio Luxembourg - 208 will never ever be back on the air again. So it's better to remember the station as it was and that'll be no problem with this website !
I've also updated the 3 pages 'Where are they now' - with loads of input from you. Keep mailing in to me 'cause I will try to keep these pages as close to the DJ's as it could be. I've expanded the file section - now to find in the menu 'download'. I'll give you soon more files.
After Jodie Scott, Mike Knight, Peter Ross, Ian Brass and Tony Prince I've finally received a signal from Benny Brown. Also I'm Still trying to find Mike Hollis again and I'm still waiting for Bob Stewart's reply. Hope he's doing fine now in Texas.
Remember: I do read every mail or guestbook entry - even if I do not reply directly - thanks!
Enjoy to share our memories and keep visiting this site.
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November 3rd 2001
what's going on?
Oh yes, I'm still working on these pages and I'm still trying to keep it all update. 
Unfortunately I just haven't got enough time to do it all at once - so don't worry.
I haven't receive any new facts about the relaunch of Radio Luxembourg - 208.
So I guess, we can forget about hearing our missed Luxy again on the airwaves.
I do read every mail or guestbook entry - even if I do not reply directly - thanks!
Keep visiting this site because it will be updated and it will grow even bigger.
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April 7th 2001
contact & history
I've finally made contact with the royal ruler himself - Tony Prince. I just send him an e-mail to ask for some material about Radio Luxembourg. And... he replied! Yesterday I received a real goody - a 208 magazine from 1979 with loads of infos and photos which I will publish here soon. Thank you ever so much Tony! 
You'll find a new chapter 'history' in the section 208 Yesterday.
I sadly still got no answer from Bob Stewart and still no news about a relaunch. 
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February 8th 2001
a second domain & more input
Our second domain  is running now and we could offer you now some limited e-mail accounts with addresses like !   click here  for more info. Note: This is with NO COMMERCIAL background.
I just received e-mails and pictures from Peter Ross and Ian Brass and I also spoke with Peter Ross. It  really was a pleasure to hear stories from his time in Luxembourg.
The Site navigation is updated but still no news from the RTL headquarters about a relaunch. 
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October 30th 2000
still busy...
To answer the most frequent question: A start-date for the relaunch is still not announced.  But be sure that they're all working very hard to bring back our deeply loved station. Don't ask further. Please let all the neccessary things happen and keep waiting just like me. We'll keep you update here on this very page when there's a new info to publish.
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October 26th 2000
208 site now in new frame version
I decided this week to update my 208 site which has been not changed in the last nearly 12 month. Eric Wiltsher, CEO of Davric Productions promised me one year ago to keep me update will all the latest stuff about the planned re-launch of our heartly missed 208. Unfortunately he never phoned, faxed or mailed any kind of comment. He's just too busy. ;-)
Plenty of mails from 208 fans all over the world reached my mailbox. They all asked for new information about the start. I could not reply to them with any kind of satisfieing answer. Maybe that was one reason to stop working on this site - some other reasons could be found in my private life that gave me not enough time to look after the pages. That has changed now. 
From now on i'll keep this site again updated and fresh for your surfing desire. I do hope to get in touch with Eric again so i can inform you about the newest things happening in Luxembourg and London. So do bookmark this site with the new domain !
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