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200) Am 1. April 2006 um 19:42 Uhr schrieb Bernd

super music. in the tradition of radio luxembourg.

199) Am 10. März 2006 um 19:29 Uhr schrieb Igerr / Homepage

Thanks a lot for so good site.Author did a really good work.Good luck

198) Am 20. Februar 2006 um 19:40 Uhr schrieb Ushenko / Homepage

Viktor Ushenko k49xn48f5h

197) Am 20. Februar 2006 um 07:53 Uhr schrieb Rudi Loderbauer / Homepage

Hi there,
does anyone know where to get Marian Montgomery's "Maybe the morning" in good audio quality (128 kbps or more)? I've been looking for that song since Mike carried out the final words in 1992 on Luxy.... Best wishes to all of you and thanks for this great page!

196) Am 27. Januar 2006 um 17:03 Uhr schrieb Martin W / Homepage

Hi Leute von RTL 208,
super Programm. Zu Euch passen die Songs von Jazz-up
die sind soooo coooool

195) Am 16. Januar 2006 um 09:07 Uhr schrieb Juraj Skokan

After a while (2-3 years or so) i am glad to find your website again and that you have the 80s jingle collection. I was a Luxy listener from 1984 from behind the iron Curtain from southern part of Slovakia, then part of Czechoslovakia. I have fond memories of Luxy as one of the few sources of freedom. I continued to listen to it on the Astra satellite until the closedown. By the way, i found Mike Knights photos of the new studio (even with the visiting Mike Hollis) on this address:

194) Am 4. Januar 2006 um 17:37 Uhr schrieb Radovan Vycudilik

Yours faithfully ancient hearer. Tank you Radio Luxembourg.

193) Am 14. Dezember 2005 um 17:17 Uhr schrieb

Just to let you know.....
Today (Wednesday December 14th 2005)I was in the RTL Kirchberg building (KB1) with my hands on the new English service studio! When I have the photos in my PC I'll send them to you, so you can see what the new place looks like - it is VERY impressive and shows that RTL is extremely comitted to the future of Radio Luxembourg's programmes in English on the WWW and on DRM
Keep the faith!!!!! Best wishes,
Mike Knight

192) Am 29. November 2005 um 21:33 Uhr schrieb Standa

Many peoples know the famous music Luxy broadcasting on English language from 8 p.m to 4 a.m CET. We can make a some download about it on this webb here.It is OK ! But, I'm looking about Dutch broadcasting since 7 to 7.30 p.m. too. It was great too. Do you remember?.. Quiet,some India music,This is RTL,radio Nacional,Internacional,Good evening-Dobruju veèeru-bona sera etc. Some adwertisting jingles:Power play. Does know somebody, where it is possible find the download about this Dutch broadcasting?

191) Am 19. November 2005 um 00:06 Uhr schrieb

Give me back my great music station of the eighties... with its world's best jingles...!!!

190) Am 15. November 2005 um 16:52 Uhr schrieb bengt dahlström

ich möchte gerne mitglied der rtl 208 sein mfg vinkelgatan 3 b se 23170 anderslöv sweden

189) Am 11. November 2005 um 02:28 Uhr schrieb Robert W Hind

Does anyone remember a song that was released in 1969 and was ONLY played on 208. The song, sung by A J Freeman was called:'When you walked out of my life' and won the Radio Luxembourg song contest that year. Lyrics: When you walked out of my life. Never thought you rerally meant it

188) Am 25. September 2005 um 20:11 Uhr schrieb Andrzej Zoltowski "ZoltAn" (Poland)

"This is the Radio Luxembourg...": Four magic words opening the full casket of remembrances from unforgettable, most beautiful the sixtieses... Of years of my youth - when being with the teenager I contracted first friendships and I discovered first loves. Of the time of listening intently himself with the circle of friends - or under the night starry sky somewhere far in Tatra mountains - of evenings and with nights in (strongly disturbed by Communists!) Broadcasts of this broadcasting station. Always opened with words: "This is the Radio Luxembourg ..." My always friendly station...

187) Am 22. September 2005 um 22:04 Uhr schrieb Jeff Reiffers

The Legend is back! - Radio Luxembourg :)
I have heard today the radio station. It is great that Radio Luxembourg is back again :)
I am from Luxembourg and i have often been in the Villa Louvigny and i have meet great people there, and i was very unhappy when they shutdown the station but now THE LEGEND IS BACK

186) Am 21. September 2005 um 22:23 Uhr schrieb Andreas Gregor / Homepage

Part2: Now I'm almost 40, living in Toronto and I'm still a huge Kraftwerk fan, and I have even played in a Kraftwerk tribute band. Looking back I can say that Luxy sure had an impact on my life along with a few other's (like Toronto's CFNY, The Spirit of Radio). I had a great deal of fun with all the synthesizer's that I had bought over the years. Who knows if I had ever even wanted to play synthesizer's if it hadn't been for that fateful night, listening to 208. And now I am doing radio as well, even if it is internet radio. Along with my wife, I host a weekly show on every Thursday night at 9:00pm EST (repeats Friday mornings at 3:00am) called A Darker Shade of Retro, where I play classic Industrial and Goth music. I just want to say thanks to all those at 208 Radio Luxemburg for expanding my horizons and starting a few dreams which became a reality for me.
Andreas Gregor (aka. DJ Formaldehyde)
Toronto, Canada

185) Am 21. September 2005 um 22:17 Uhr schrieb Andreas Gregor / Homepage

I just wanted to comment on your great web site.
I spent the first few years of my life growing up in Northern Canada. By the time I was 10 my family moved to Germany. To my horror I discovered that most European AM radio was so bland and uninteresting. But one night in late 1976 I was surfing the dial and found some pretty great music, so I could wait to find out what station I was listening to. Turns out it was 208, and I was hooked ever since. I would listen to Rob Jones a lot, but my favourite show was Street Heat with Stuart Henry. I remember Stuart playing Oxygen2 by Jean Michelle Jarre and describing in great detail what a synthesizer was. I was fascinated. I also remember being blown away by Rich Wilde's "The Lady wants to be Alone". I spent 24 years looking for that record. And the first time I heard Kraftwerk was on that station. The coolest thing was that you had access to some of the hottest Top 40 Tracks, as well as some really wild obscure stuff like Wire and The Police before they even had a hit single.
After those days I always either wanted to be on the radi

184) Am 21. September 2005 um 22:12 Uhr schrieb

I just wanted to comment on your great web site.
I spent the first few years of my life growing up in Northern Canada. When I was 6 I discovered radio and began hunting for all kinds of radio stations. This was in the early 70's and the Top 40 Rock stations in the distant United States were my favourite. By the time I was 10 my family moved to Germany. To my horror I discovered that most European AM radio was so bland and uninteresting. But one night in late 1976 I was surfing the dial and found some pretty great music, so I could wait to find out what station I was listening to. Turns out it was 208, and I was hooked ever since. I would listen to Rob Jones a lot, but my favourite show was Street Heat with Stuart Henry. I remember Stuart playing Oxygen2 by Jean Michelle Jarre and describing in great detail what a synthesizer was. I was fascinated. I also remember being blown away by Rich Wilde's "The Lady wants to be Alone". I spent 24 years looking for that record. And the first time I heard Kraftwerk was on that station. The coolest thing was that you had access to some of

183) Am 18. September 2005 um 17:10 Uhr schrieb Waldemar Steinke

RTL208 is back. I'm very enjoyed about it and hope to see the old 70's chart lists soon. Greetings from Bielefeld, Germany

182) Am 17. September 2005 um 16:34 Uhr schrieb dave barraclough

Hi 208!?
it is good to see a site for 208, like UK Radio 1 it played an important part of many people's lives. It will be a hard task to try and recreate the magic of the early days as these things are time and place, mood of the time. Today's radio is weak, the DJ/presenters are dull, modern music is dull, I too can lash a drum loop together and rap over it, that takes zero musical skills! I want character, style and innovation.For some reason I have a telephone number implanted in my brain, I suspect it was the hotline for 208 at 38 Hertford St. 01 493 5961 - I seem to remember banging that into my phone to contact the station. more power to 208!

181) Am 12. September 2005 um 17:46 Uhr schrieb Wolf

While sitting here, enjoying a nice beer and listening to Melissa Etheridge on Radio Luxembourg, I forgot to mention one thing in my previous entry on DRM radios. (And I am not writing this just because I am part of the industry): the receivers I mentioned are a very good Idea anyhow for anyone planning a new radio. The sales of non-digital radios nowadays is really a kind of customer betrayal. Everybody in the industry and the politics nows it, but nowbody told the truth to the customers: analog FM will be swtitched off app. 2010 -2012. DAB and DRM will perfectly team up to server radio listeners from then on.
Cheers Wolf

180) Am 12. September 2005 um 17:34 Uhr schrieb wolf

Hello Jörg,
re- your question conc. DRM receivers: first pre-series samples have been shown on th IFA in Berlin. Manufacturers were Sangean, Morphy-Richards and Roberts. All receivers were multi-band and multi-standard. This means that they were able to receive DRM (LW/MW/SW) and DAB (Band III and L-Band) as well as analog AM/FM.
They are supposed to be in the shops during this year christmas campaign. The most expensive one (almost semi-professional) was targeted towards 250 €, which means that we can expect radios in the range below 100 €. Panasonic and Visteon also showed early prototypes of DRM car radios. The introduction timing of these devices are somehow in the responsibility of Panasonic's and Visteon's OEM customers, i.e. Audi, BMW, VW and so on

179) Am 7. September 2005 um 23:51 Uhr schrieb Jörg Krosch

Yes !! It´s Back !! cool !! and it sounds nice ! Nachdem Radio London relauched ist war es nur eine Frage der Zeit wann es soweit war. Endlich wieder !!! Mir fehlen die Worte ! Good Musik like in the old Days ! Geht doch ! Wann kommen DRM Empfänger ?

178) Am 4. September 2005 um 18:45 Uhr schrieb

The legendary english RTL went on air two days ago on Sep 1, 10:00.  Benny Brown and Dave Christian head the Luxy DJ team. Receiption over digital shortwave (DRM) or in the internet. Somehow, the server seems to be quite busy.....

177) Am 3. September 2005 um 18:38 Uhr schrieb Marius

All Radio Luxemburg fans go in: English Service is ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! Great legend radio come back in 8 days!!!!!!!!!CONGRATULATION!!!!!!!!!

176) Am 26. August 2005 um 21:13 Uhr schrieb Ho

The station of the stars will be relaunched during the IFA in Berlin next week on DRM (Digital Radio Mondial) Keep watching

175) Am 19. August 2005 um 21:10 Uhr schrieb Maddie Dunn

Hi, I have been searching for some archives on my father Don Peters who spent some time DJing at Luxembourg and found your request...he is now retired (aged 77 now) and enjoying some relaxing time in the the south of england by the coast! If you wanted any more info please do get in touch, also anything you may have is greatly appreciated (pictures, photos etc!) Regards Madeleine Dunn

174) Am 23. Juli 2005 um 12:48 Uhr schrieb Jerzy Grz¹dka - Poland

W latach 60-tych i 70-tych zawsze Was s3ucha3em.Pamiêtam. Alana Freemana, Davida Jacobsa, Jimmy Saville,a i innych. Audycja "Battle of the Giants" by3a super.
Wszystkiego dobrego!!!

173) Am 5. Juli 2005 um 20:30 Uhr schrieb michael wenzel

,sorry, I forgot my emailadress.. bye bye

172) Am 5. Juli 2005 um 20:25 Uhr schrieb michael wenzel

I still like to read in the fantastic guestbook! GREETINGS, michael dh3fbi

171) Am 17. Juni 2005 um 02:35 Uhr schrieb mike

just to say thanks. I had been trying to find out about that sign off song for years, ("all of you out there")
Can not thank you enough keep up the good work.

170) Am 24. Mai 2005 um 23:36 Uhr schrieb the daily phosdex / Homepage

Were those incidental tunes from the '80's pumping, or WHAT??
(BTW, I shared the details of the incidental music with WDLS-AM, a newish station in Wisconsin Dells, a popular Midwestern resort. They can be heard @ in case anybody's interested.)

169) Am 25. April 2005 um 12:59 Uhr schrieb Anatoly Anatolievith / Murmansk / Russia / sinse 1978 to 1988

I love Radio Luxembourg208!!!Better than radio Luxemburg I till now radio station have not found. Radio Luxemburg-LondonW1 the best station on all times,people from this station have outstripped time for some tens years. I simply admire again very much I wish to hear their alive voices on air on 1440 KHz 208 meters at night up to 3. Where you now Mike Hollis, Tony Princ, Bob Stewart, Benny Brown, Rob Jones and other gold people ???????????

168) Am 10. März 2005 um 22:11 Uhr schrieb Dragan Serdar

Hello to best radio station ever,hello to Tony Prince,K.Jensen,etc,.for so many years,the best program ever,i,m former disk-jokey from jugoslavia at the time 1966-1986.all the best the legends stay forever,like rock star in music,.............Dragan Serdar,disk-jokey

167) Am 20. Februar 2005 um 20:29 Uhr schrieb Anatoly Anatolivith Chepulenok (Russia / Murmansk)

Hello! This is very good site about Radio Luxembourg 208.I listen last time radio Lux. 1988year and I don't know how and why close down very good radiostation. I every night admiration music hits, voices D.J.s/Mike Hollis, Tony Prince,Bob Stewart,Benny Brown,Rob Jones and others great D.J.I want to say dear Stephan Konrad thank you very much for information on this site.

166) Am 14. Februar 2005 um 20:30 Uhr schrieb marius Es wird ein 24-Stunden-Musikprogramm im Stil des legendären „Radio Luxemburg 208“ der Musikfarbe “Internationale Hits der späten 50er, 60er und frühen 70er Jahre“ mit den Stilrichtungen Rock’n Roll, Soul, Beat, Pop (ohne deutsche oder aktuelle Hits) veranstaltet

165) Am 4. Januar 2005 um 03:49 Uhr schrieb Stephan Konrad / Homepage

Happy New Year to you! As reqested, a new update is just about to happen. Watch the space and enjoy yourself meanwhile. If you have the money to sponsor the neccessary time to work on this site, please let me know. :-) cheers And remember: I do NOT reply to any kind of comment or question here. Please use the official e-mail. And this still is no official site, it's just a homage!

164) Am 24. Dezember 2004 um 05:29 Uhr schrieb Mir

We used to listen to 208 in russia you could also hear it in america. this always made us feel like it was helping to make more friends than all of the politcal stations ever could. It was just a friendly radio station with lots of music. I wish it could come back to the air because we need a big station that no matter who you are you could hear wherever you are with simple equipment. It just has to play music and things 208 was always a music stations. I remeber it americans remeber it i live in america now and i ask and some have heard of it some havent. I wait for news of this.....

163) Am 9. Dezember 2004 um 23:44 Uhr schrieb Gerd Schöller

What is AQLN ?  I saw it on but there was no further information.

162) Am 6. Dezember 2004 um 20:57 Uhr schrieb Jacek Siewierski

I Love Radio Luxemburg

161) Am 27. Oktober 2004 um 01:09 Uhr schrieb COSMOS

One legend of the radio John Peel died today. I saw on this website than he worked earlier on Luxy. I´m very surprised. Anybody can confirm?

160) Am 26. Oktober 2004 um 22:02 Uhr schrieb Paul

I asked Rosko about the relaunch and he knew nothing of it, I too know RTL are looking at relaunching Luxy via DRM but they need a clear frequency for it to work on Short Wave.

159) Am 25. Oktober 2004 um 13:50 Uhr schrieb Ho

WAKEUP WAKEUP WAKEUP THE GREAT 208 TO BE ON AIR SOON Things are getting more and more detailed at Boulevard Pierre Frieden. Within the campaing of starting a digtital Program for France and Germany (using the new "DRM" technology) the plans for a relaunch of the Great 208 are gettiong closer to realisation. Talks have started with Dave Christian, and also other DJ's (i.e. "President" Roscoe) are declaring themselfes to be prepared. Watch closely the next years "IFA" in Berlin.
Cheers Ho

158) Am 11. August 2004 um 23:53 Uhr schrieb

In the late 50's I too listened to '208' under the bedclothes. I had made a one diode 'crystal' set from a circuit in a magazine, and my Dad made it a varnished wood box. As a teenager I had bought the bits and pieces from the ex-WD radio shops in the Soho and Paddington areas of London, going up by Tube on Saturday mornings, with schoolpals. Little did we know about the 'seamy' side of those parts! However, I did not grow into a Rock and Roll fan - later I listened to Gilbert & Sullivan operettas, and then Bach to Wagner. But, I came across this site from the BBC Radio 3 Proms site this evening!

157) Am 18. Mai 2004 um 23:23 Uhr schrieb marius

Rumours of a Luxy return (6/5/2004 21:37)  The English service of Radio Luxembourg (RTL) could be revived using a new digital broadcasting system (DRM), according to reports. RTL has requested the allocation of a short wave frequency to cover the UK.

156) Am 28. März 2004 um 17:53 Uhr schrieb David Hemsley / Homepage

More jingles can be heard by visiting The Jingle Ark at - in the meantime, here's a montage we've done today with some of our favourites.  You have a great site here - but as others have said - it needs an update :) (the stuff I sent hasn't been included yet!)

155) Am 26. März 2004 um 15:48 Uhr schrieb Heiko / Homepage

Hallo Stephan und Webmaster dieser Fan-Seite!
Bin durch Zufall auf diese Seite hier gestossen und sehr begeistert von der Umsetzung der Homage an diesen ebenfalls leider nicht mehr existenten Sender. Obwohl ich das englische Programm so gut wie nie gehört habe(leider)macht es doch mehr als Freude sich die alten Mitschnitte hier anzuhören. Was heutzutage aus Luxemburg vom Kirchberg(nicht mehr Villa Louvigny) in den Äther gedrückt wird(Angefangen vom besch.... Oldiequalsender bis zum seichten und langweiligen Radio Letzebuerg Programm....)ist wirklich kein Vergleich und nicht der Rede wert;-( Aber mit meinem Radiokollegen DJ Meng haben wir beide ebenfalls eine Fanseite des leider nicht mehr existierenden Grenzprivatsenders RADIO RVN ins Netz gestellt, wo unter anderem ein Bob Murawka große Bekanntheit erlangte, welcher selbst in den frühen 80ern bei RTL 208 "mitwirkte" bzw dieses als Vorbild hatte. Es würde uns beide freuen, wenn ihr auch mal bei uns auf die Seite schaut und vielleicht sogar noch irgendwelches Material über RVN habt, falls ihr den Sender kennen solltet. http://www.rad

154) Am 26. März 2004 um 11:05 Uhr schrieb Jan Olav, Norway

Hello to all old listeners of RTL:)
Why don't anybody update this website anymore? Last update is still March 2003. I'm waiting for more airchecks and voicecuts for download. 208 was the BIG one!

153) Am 25. März 2004 um 17:28 Uhr schrieb Christian / Homepage

Does anybody know from which song the news intro fanfare is taken out ? Ta-da-da-da-daaaa. Someone told me it must be a song from the 70s.... Please help !

152) Am 20. März 2004 um 13:36 Uhr schrieb Bernhard Hann / Homepage

Guten Tag ,
Beste Grüsse nach Luxembourg. TOP in den Tag . Besuchen Sie mal meine Homepage ! Halt ! ,, VERKEHRSKONTROLLE ,, :-))
Freue mich wenn ich Ihnen Songs von mir Zusenden darf . Gruss von Bernhard Hann.

151) Am 7. März 2004 um 00:21 Uhr schrieb Gorsiak Edward

pozdrawiam wszystkich,którzy w latach 70-tych pilnie s3uchali RADIO LUXEMBURG nie tylko latem z dziewczyn¹ w ogrodzie,ale i ... jesieni¹ i zim¹ przy kiepskim odbiorze!

150) Am 5. März 2004 um 10:59 Uhr schrieb Wolf

For all 208 listeners of the 70's: you can hear one of your DJ's again. Johnny Walker, former Radio Caroline veteran in the 60's and later on producer of a California recorded show that was transmitted by Luxy returned to old grandma BBC. His show can be heard weekdays from 17:00 to 19:00 GMT on BBC Radio 2.
Weblink :

149) Am 5. Februar 2004 um 22:34 Uhr schrieb Kim Nielsen

i was a big fan of radio luxemborg...specialy Peter Antony. I have 3 full top 20 shows on casette..broadcast in denmark in the early 90´s

148) Am 18. Januar 2004 um 18:29 Uhr schrieb Wolf

Hi folks
I found a site about the offshore pirates, inlcuding airchecks from Tony Prince and Johnny Walker during their time at Radio Caroline. Enjoy. By the way: Great Site. I love to remember my old Radio Luxy listening days

147) Am 14. Januar 2004 um 13:31 Uhr schrieb Eugen Ennulat

Hello 208-Fans,
who knows and can help? During the last Radio Luxembourg broadcast a video was made,too. Does somebody might have a copy that show would be able to record me this special one? Who can help me? Thanks a lot and many greetings from Kiel/Germany.

146) Am 10. Januar 2004 um 14:45 Uhr schrieb paul read

It's a real shame that no other radio station could ever or will ever capture the unique sound that Luxemberg had on 208.

145) Am 7. Januar 2004 um 21:48 Uhr schrieb Andrzej Sokolowski

I started to listen to Radio Luxembourg in the late 60-ties. It was very popular in Poland these days, most people from my generation listened to it. I learned my English from this station. I listen to pop, rock and jazz music all the time, but 208 is unbeatable. Thank you 208 people.

144) Am 14. November 2003 um 15:52 Uhr schrieb Jarmo

Wonderful tribute to the greatest radio station of its time for me. Thanks a lot! As a kid, I used to listen 208 as long as I could keep awake. Next day I was very tired in the school, but then again I knew all international hits before they became known in Finland, at those times when there was no global real-time music distribution like nowadays... I will never forget that ambience: favourite tunes fading in and out in the middle of the night... the world was out there and I felt connected, I responded with my young heart!

143) Am 14. November 2003 um 12:11 Uhr schrieb Standa

Hi,I am from Czech republic and this greatest station I listened from year 1973 to 1991. Most I interest about jingles and some special effects on Luxy now, but I did not all downloads still. Very interest broadcast was from 7 p.m to 7.30 p.m, or from 6p.m to 7 pm on Sunday CET too./1440 Khz. It was not on English language, but from the start to finish, there was many many effects. Is it possible make the downloads from this broadcast somewhere too? Thank you for answer and very good downloads on yours pages.

142) Am 10. Oktober 2003 um 09:10 Uhr schrieb Wolfgang

Ich habe über 20 Jahre auf den Closer "Maybe the morning" von 208 gewartet. Gut Ding will Weile haben. ;-)) Ciao, Wolfgang. PS: and thanks for the many hours under my blanket hearing 208 when i was a teen.

141) Am 26. August 2003 um 16:53 Uhr schrieb Osiris

Herrliche homepage. Ich begann, 1967 heimlich unter der Bettdecke RTL zu hören, nahm ab 1969 hin und wieder die Charts auf (Mittelwelle, mono, Philips Tape-Deck). Zum Glück verfüge ich noch über Originalaufnahmen z.B. Top 30 Frühsommer 71 MIT ANSAGE und JINGLE (Blue Mink - The Banner Man neu auf 30)- aber leider nur den Anfang. Ebenso zig andere, z.B. Peter Styvesand-Reklame-Jingle (um 1972)oder Ausschnitte der Top 20 Januar 1970. Stay tune, Osiris :-)

140) Am 13. August 2003 um 22:23 Uhr schrieb Gottfried

I miss this station so much! The best one the world ever had! Nice webside here! Best wishes to Stephan! Good work! Bye to all fans! G.

139) Am 22. Juni 2003 um 03:20 Uhr schrieb Michael Nagy (vocalist)

Hi, I'm a singer in the USA. the summer of '75 was magical for me. I visited my relatives in Hungary and got to see Germany and Austria. While in Hungary I listened to RTL. I have a casette still in storage in L.a. The station was so aliveand magical! Some of the music I hear again when I returned home but some wasn't even released or available there. I'm going to list the titles and artists(or my best guess) I couldn't understand the artists names. Or possibly there is a playlist or Europe music charts from Juily August '75 somewhere? If anyone has anay info on these and there availability that would be wonderful. Thanks, Michael Here goes..... 1)Jesse (Stephanie Desites?) Same Jesse Roberta Flack recorded. 2)Little Miss Heartbeat (Shabby Tiger?) 3)Yesterdays heroes ( Jophn Young? Not the Bay city rollers version,same song though) 4)When a rose has to die

138) Am 11. Juni 2003 um 22:14 Uhr schrieb airis / Homepage

Greetings to all! airis Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland

137) Am 4. Juni 2003 um 12:55 Uhr schrieb Thumaroil / Homepage

Hi there,I very much enjoyed hearing the old jingles again, and was wondering: There used to be a jingle (had it on tape, lost it) "with the power of 1.3 million watts" - any chance to see that up here.... Regards, Thumaroil

136) Am 21. Mai 2003 um 20:29 Uhr schrieb Maciek / Homepage

I was listening to the 208 in evenings and nights in 70's.The voice of Bob Stewart.. Oh Boy! All the best

135) Am 7. Mai 2003 um 22:18 Uhr schrieb michael wenzel

Hallo, mal ein kleiner Tip am Rande: Bei ebay findet man zum Teil recht interressante ältere Sachen wie Autogrammkarten oder Aufkleber. Ich werde demnächst (ende Mai) dort meine gesamten RTL-208 Cassetten und Tonbänder anbieten. Beachtet auch mein Posting vom Dezember 2001.

134) Am 25. April 2003 um 20:26 Uhr schrieb Kurt / Homepage

Einfach genial, ich habe alle 208 Jingles angehört.. das ist total Klasse.. früher habe ich es auf MW mit schlechter Qualität gehört.. heute ist es sehr schön es wieder zu hören.. danke..

133) Am 20. April 2003 um 19:29 Uhr schrieb Nicolai Holm

Hi, Wonderful - love your tribute to 208 which was also a part of my youth (i'm born 1965). Darn the shut the best radio ever down.Thx for some great memories. Nick

132) Am 14. März 2003 um 16:13 Uhr schrieb Wolfram

Hi everybody. I have two questiones, maybe somebody from the community can help me. 1) I remember that somewhere in the 70's 208 also called themself "the big L" (a reminiscense to the pirates). Does anybody know when this happened? 2) I remember a sponsored show hosted by "7up". Especially they had a very "mysterious" sounding jingle. Stefen, do you think you can arrange to put this jingle into the downloads? Thanks, Wolfram, a.k.a the Ho

131) Am 3. Februar 2003 um 22:26 Uhr schrieb Jan Olav

Thank you for this very interesting website about the RTL 208. It brings me back to the 70's when I was listening to the BIG RTL 208 in evenings and nights....hearing the voice of Bob Stewart and other pro DJ's. Once again...thank you and I hope this website can stay for the future.

130) Am 25. Dezember 2002 um 17:03 Uhr schrieb Wayne S

Thanks for "Maybe the Morning" from your site. I used to listen every night from Hahn Air Base in Germany and have been looking for a copy of that song for a long time. Any chance of finding the Sunny Leslie version?

129) Am 18. Dezember 2002 um 11:44 Uhr schrieb Oliver / Homepage

Very good site for the classic 208. Keep up the good work and the classic jingles.

128) Am 18. Dezember 2002 um 00:49 Uhr schrieb Nermin Muhic

Hallo,I need old kasseten from Radio Laxi,Can Any One Help me.Thanks

127) Am 27. November 2002 um 04:01 Uhr schrieb COSMOS

Hello Stephen, Thank you for this website in remembering of Radio Luxembourg english service, it was really a great radio. I come from east France (near Metz) and in this part of france we grew up with all stuff of Luxembourg, TV radios. I was fan of 208 espacially from end 70s until end 80s. I could catch it the night on FM at 1.00. because I was not so far of the Grand Duchy. Between the french service (Georges Lang & WRTL) and the english service (208) many nights were for me magical with a lot of crazy music! I would like the coming back of Radio Luxembourg but the time are gone now. It will be never the same as before anyway. The Franch service changed too. But Thank you for this website. I will surely visit it regulary from Munich city where I´m living since 15 years. Best Regards, Cosmos

126) Am 14. November 2002 um 22:07 Uhr schrieb Brian Pabst

Hey Stephan, glad to see, that you still up-date this fantastic site, that let luxy live on - if not on air - so in our memories. I'm also happy, that you still give us a lot af real sounds from the station. That keep us in good mood listening to that super-sound of the radio of the stars. I enjoy it. Thank you very much. Brian, Copenhagen.

125) Am 14. November 2002 um 19:40 Uhr schrieb Dick Offringa / Homepage

Hi Stephan, it is a pleasure to see your site again. It is a pity that there is no coming back of Luxy. Nice that you have updated your site. For me; I don't know what do to more on my site; I think I let it be.

124) Am 14. November 2002 um 06:24 Uhr schrieb

Hi, I loved listening to Radio Luxembourg as a kid. I lived near Edinburgh in Scotland and struggled to tune in the signal on my portable radio under my bed covers, turned way down low so only I could hear it. There were no other services that ran into the night back then, no 24 hour society so Radio Luxembourg was the place to tune to after dark as it faded in and out. It also played some great music, music you wanted to listen to, not the bad mix of music the national or local stations played to their wide audience range. When the time came I also listened on satellite, who can forget the jingle "Music at the speed of light, from the Astra satellite, Radio Luxembourg"? Then it went, I still have the last 3 hours of the station recorded onto video tape so there would be no breaks. Mike Hollis' last words certainly brought a lump to my throat and when I have listened again, it still does. That was a sad day. Radio, as something unique and special died that day. The world was no longer in awe of radio in my eyes and the television became king. Today, Radio lives on, in the car and in the workplace as background noise or something to kill time to. It just doesnt seem to be the point of focus anymore. It just doesnt seem 'special'. I feel there is a place for Radio Luxemboug, but it isnt now. It is in the very near future. There will soon be digital radio in the Short, Medium and Long wavebands. Offering high quality music over long distances. That is the time Radio Luxembourg should retake to the air as a pioneer for it's owners. Delivering a new music choice for a new millenium to the people of a united Europe. The day it went off air, a brand, an identity was frozen, it soon will be time to thaw the old bird and let it fly once more through the air and into our hearts again. I hope it's owners see the value in the brand, the identity and the legacy of Radio Luxembourg, a station at the very heart of Europe. Hopefully the joy of music will once again flow from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Steve

123) Am 25. Oktober 2002 um 17:33 Uhr schrieb Colin / Homepage

Congrats on a very interesting site - thank you! I adored Fab 208 as a kid. During 1981 I got the chance to work in the Grand Duchy. It was a huge thrill to visit the studios and hang out with my heroes. UK Voiceover Colin Day

122) Am 7. September 2002 um 13:18 Uhr schrieb Zdenek Vranik (Czech republic) / Homepage

Zdravím všechny,kdož se zajímají o historiipopulárního Radia Luxembourg... :-)) Navštìvuje tyto stránky také nìkdo z Èeské republiky,nebo Slovenska? Pokud ano,pošlete mail,nebo SMS (+420732711288). Èauky! **Zdenìk**

121) Am 6. September 2002 um 01:07 Uhr schrieb Benny Brown

A zillion memories came back. Bob setting my newscasts on fire; Rob & me drinking Bisquit after closedown when the engineers had gone; Stuart and that snake; Brasso and the garbage basket; Tony and the mussels. Abba sang (and we played) Thank You For The Music; no, thank you for listening. But we can't stay back there, no way. You can't look back when you're movin' on...

120) Am 31. August 2002 um 20:17 Uhr schrieb sam

Excellent site with lots of information, brought back nice memories.

119) Am 6. August 2002 um 23:40 Uhr schrieb wolfram

Hi Stephan, thanx for your wonderful page. I also belong to the generation, that heard 208 in nighttimes with the "transistor radio" (hey, young ones, it was called like that!) under the pillow. the 70's were the decade that was very important for my personality, and 208 were one of my "personal stepstones". sad enough, the closing down of 208 was completely new to me until recently (hey, is he kidding? that was 10 years ago). well, after finishing university, i moved south and also lost touch with my old habbits. then, in 94 a friend told me, how she was influenced by rtl. so we decided to try to tune in once again. the fact, that we did not get any signal, well we blamed it on the geography. (funny that i never wondered why she was able to listen to 208 in switzerland in the 60`s and now transmission near frankfurt shouldn`t be possible ???). anyhow, due to the fact, that the closing down of 208 wasn't a real media issue it took me until recently to find out that something of my personal past is gone forever. once again thanx for your beautiful page. i downloaded "maybe the morning". b

118) Am 27. Juli 2002 um 10:50 Uhr schrieb Peter Ravn / Homepage

I heard 208 back in 1979 and I would love some recordings of the shows back then. My own tapes couldn't last. Hope that 208 will be back again. Nice pages here also!

117) Am 22. Juli 2002 um 21:38 Uhr schrieb David J Taylor

I have fond memories from my early growing up years to listening to Radio Luxemburg before we even had a TV. I lived in London UK and Radio Luxemburg was the only station I could listen to the latest Rock N Roll songs. I remember the song Sleepwalking by Santos & Johnnie. I now live in the US and would like to tune into 208 again. VR David J Taylor

116) Am 21. Juli 2002 um 23:19 Uhr schrieb Andrew Swift

I was a regular listener to Luxy in the 1980's and early 1990's. Rob Jones, Bob Stewart and Tony Blewitt were my favourite DJs. I would like to see the station return to 1440 khz - without the crackle and fade in transmissions!! Luxy could still get a large audience in the UK.

115) Am 12. Juli 2002 um 14:19 Uhr schrieb Jeff Vagg / Homepage

I was a keen listener especially 1972-1975 despite the "fade", noticed that records dropped from their charts more quickly than on the BBC ones (and lacked records bought for adults,eg Stuart Gillies). Managed to hear poor old Stuart Henry whne I was in Ibiza in '83 (although the fade was terrible there!)

114) Am 25. Juni 2002 um 20:26 Uhr schrieb Bernard Michaux / Homepage

Hi, my name is Bernard Michaux and I'm a luxemburgish student. I am a foundation member of Filmreakter a society that is going to realise this summer a movie about 208 The story of Radio Luxembourg. That's why we are searching for people interested in doing an interview about their love Radio 208 or people who have only something to say and find that it will fine in this movie. We are also searching for the old Radio Luxembourg DJ's. We are already in contact with some... I hope you will help me. Thanks a lot. You can write me in English, French, German, Luxemburgish :-) Bernard

113) Am 11. Juni 2002 um 13:48 Uhr schrieb Henry Edin

In the 60's and till the beginning of 80's I often listen to Radio Luxemburg, "The Station Of The Star". I will also remember Bob Stewards very nice voice. ABBA was very often played on the station till its was off air. I will waiting and line up for a new start for Radio Luxemburg. Why not on Internet or by satellite? Kindly, Henry Edin, Sundsvall, Sweden

112) Am 11. Mai 2002 um 00:04 Uhr schrieb Paul / Homepage

I listened to Luxy from about 1982 untill it sadly closed down.You have so much information on your site I check it regulary. Lets hope Luxy returns one day. Great site you put together.

111) Am 21. Februar 2002 um 00:20 Uhr schrieb Pål godager

Werry god

110) Am 14. Februar 2002 um 18:14 Uhr schrieb Andreas Fröhlich

I've been listening to Radio Luxembourg form 1986 to 1991, it was my source to british indie music. Every week I listened to the charts and had troubles understanding the name of the artists because of the sound quality. In fact I somehow miss that special medium wave sound now. I've got a question: Does anyone know how the charts were compiled? They said it was 'next weeks charts' and sometimes seemed to me like they were tipping the official charts.

109) Am 27. Januar 2002 um 00:42 Uhr schrieb

I've been a tremendous fan of Luxemburg 208 in the 70's! I was international truckdriver that time and was ALWAYS tuned in at 208 / 1440KHz MW, the station was heard really ALL over Europe, from Sweden ( Stockholm, Umea, Lulea until Southern Italy (Brindizi, Ancona, Calabria Region) You know where I can get some promo material of Lux208? t-shirts, stickers or anything. With kind regards, Gert Bikker Leerdam (NL)

108) Am 24. Januar 2002 um 11:38 Uhr schrieb Greg

Listned to 208 for 3 years while assisgned to Spangdahlem AB, Germany (USAF). It was way better then AFN (Armed Forces Radio Network). Wish they were still around. Any chance of getting a T-Shirt with the your 208 logo?

107) Am 26. Dezember 2001 um 14:41 Uhr schrieb Roland

Why do you want Radio Luxembourg to come back? History has proven that you can never go back to what once was, any attempt to relive the past will provide nothing but grief. Let's face it, it is a new and different world and any new version of Radio Lueumbourg will never meet your expectations; it will be nothing more than a bastardized version of what was once a great and powerful force in world radio. Let the memories of Radio Luxembourg live on, but quit living in the past. it is time to move on.



Hi Roland. I think i must totaly agree with you. But however 'bad' the new luxy would be - i guess it'll be better than any other format-rubbish we do receive now. It'll never be the same and we do should keep our memories. (Please leave your adr next time!)

106) Am 11. Deze
mber 2001 um 20:35 Uhr schrieb michael wenzel

Hi there, my name is michael and I live in the near of frankfurt in germany. Like you I was a listener of 208 for years. I remember in january 1992 the program of 208 was away. I started to listen in the early 70´s in anger of the good quality in the evening hours, because the shortwave with the german program was too bad. Luxembourg on fm I do know only from my grandparents in the near of luxembourg. When my family was visiting them I was listen to RTL the whole day (I was only eightyears old). Summer 1978 I was for six weeks at my grandparents. I learned that at one o´clock the english program was also on fm available. I learned also that the music they've played was very(!!) up to date. I was 15 and I was very gifted in RF-technique. Back at home I started some receiving-tests to get luxembourg at my home near frankfurt. With a homemade yagi-antenna under the roof I got first positive results. So I start also to record music and whole shows from 208. So I got a huge of luxy for today.. ;) I learned in this board that there are many people who are looking for older tapes from luxy. Maybe on xmas I have time enough to make mp3 files out of them. So I wish you a merry chrismas! michael

105) Am 17. November 2001 um 14:50 Uhr schrieb Paco

I began to listen to rtl in 1969. It was realy nice.

104) Am 23. Oktober 2001 um 05:37 Uhr schrieb Leland Shumway

Thanks much for your hard work on the 208 page! Radio Luxembourg has many good memories for me. I was living near Flensburg in 1972 with my Deutsch was very bad, and most of the young people didn't like Americans much with Viet Nam going on...I was isolated, and 208 made me feel less isolated. I am living in Utah in the USA now, and my children asked me what Europe was like, and I found your site to show them. Thanks again for your very comprehensive page!

103) Am 20. Oktober 2001 um 04:36 Uhr schrieb Norman Richter

I haven't heard this station since I visited Europe/North Africa back in 1969/70. Radio Luxembourg kept me happy when I was lonely for Canada. Best of luck in the future. Norm Richter

102) Am 23. August 2001 um 19:06 Uhr schrieb Peter Jordan / Homepage

Wow man - Thanx for the memories!!!! I'd been looking for that Duncan McKensie song for ages and hadn't even been able to find it on Napster at al (Cos I didn't know who sang it!). What memories - I lsitened all thru the 80's as a teenager in The West of Ireland to Rob Jones and Tony Prince and Mike Hollis and them all when I was supposed to be studying at night. Sorry to hear about the passing away of some especially Stuart Henry. Anyway - Again thank you for your labor of love. It's a reflection of what so many of us felt about the station.

101) Am 28. Juni 2001 um 11:37 Uhr schrieb Daniel Moeller / Homepage

Hi from Berlin. Thank you for presenting the good old jingles on this site :-)

100) Am 4. Juni 2001 um 21:58 Uhr schrieb Joern Pettersen

Hi!all you Luxy listeners..I used to listen to R.Lux every night since 1976 until the transmissions ended,i still listen to some of the old tapes wich i recorded,many years ago and i still get goospimpels all over my body,Luxy is still the number ONE station for me,or like Tony Prince said "i gave my best years to this lady...lady Luxembourg". So i sincerely hope that one day i will hear Luxy jingels all over my radio again. Joern 38 Northern Norway

99) Am 24. Mai 2001 um 22:28 Uhr schrieb Herbert Pjede / Homepage

Hi Stephan ! The redesign of your page is really great! Keep up the good work ! Greetings - Herbert

98) Am 19. Mai 2001 um 16:51 Uhr schrieb Terry

Listened to 208 metres late 1940s, through the 1950s right up to the time I left for Canada in 1956. What a welcome alternative, then, to the BBC, it was! Hard to understand, with such loyal listener memories and the other electronic means available today, why Radio Luxembourg has not continued or been reactivated. Maybe the internet will be it's salvation? From Eastern Canada.

97) Am 26. April 2001 um 10:28 Uhr schrieb Svenja

Hi People. I love the site as i loved Radio Luxembourg. I used to listen in the 80's and i was a big fan of Rob Jones. Where is he now? Greetings, Svenja

96) Am 24. April 2001 um 14:58 Uhr schrieb Peter

GREAT SITE, well done. Brings back loads of memories. I do miss the station. Keep the site up. Pete

95) Am 30. März 2001 um 22:45 Uhr schrieb Fred

Bob Stewart suffered cancer and is now living in the USA.

94) Am 23. März 2001 um 23:43 Uhr schrieb Dick Offringa / Homepage

Hello! I am still waiting of the return of Radio Luxembourg. So I decided to start an local radiostation by myself. I've got the official license now. Atlantis FM. May be I play some old RTL tunes.

93) Am 19. März 2001 um 23:17 Uhr schrieb Peter Tee / Homepage

Love the site Where is Bob Stewart now ???

92) Am 19. März 2001 um 23:15 Uhr schrieb Peter Tee / Homepage

Love the site

91) Am 5. März 2001 um 18:48 Uhr schrieb Jesper

I remember when I used to find the radio station on my little radio receiver, back home in Sweden. Sometimes I did and I got all the new music played for me. I'm feeling pretty nostalgic...

90) Am 1. Januar 2001 um 04:10 Uhr schrieb Jim Pogras

Great page. I was stationed in Frankfurt in 1968 and 1969. I listened to 208 every evening. I've got airchecks buried in the attic.

89) Am 5. Dezember 2000 um 13:21 Uhr schrieb Rainer Ganske / Homepage

Hi,i was a listener of 208 in the 80´s. I hope luxy will return. If someone is interested to exchange airchecks, please send me a mail. You can listen to a funny aircheck from 208 with Peter Antony on ==>click on "Audio". Rainer

88) Am 18. November 2000 um 21:21 Uhr schrieb MIKE GRANT / Homepage


87) Am 14. November 2000 um 04:22 Uhr schrieb Stephan Konrad


The 208 GUESTBOOK is now also updated online. Questions will not be answered here.
They and any 'other' comment or suggestion should be send via this  feedback form !

Thanks to every single person for viewing my 208-site and signing this book or mailing so far.
Cheers, Stephan ( webmaster )


86) Am 18. August 2000 um 21:11 Uhr schrieb Richard 777

Listening to a home-made recording of Radio Luxembourg the day Elvis Presley died lead me to search on the web for the station. I listened late 60's to early 70's. The names Henry & Rosko ring a bell. I'm surely not unique in this, but remember listening to Luxembourg with the "tranny" under the pillow? :c) I do hope the station returns on 208.

85) Am 10. August 2000 um 00:11 Uhr schrieb brian pabst

You don't belive it...i've been searching for stuff about this all-time great radiostation, which i spent hours and nights listning to in the mid and late seventies. Re-hearing the 208-jingles is so fine - gets me in bed listning to the transistor. Hope that there will be more audio on this site later on. Thank you!!!

84) Am 24. Juli 2000 um 19:26 Uhr schrieb Marion Baldwin

I lived in Orkanger (close to Trondhjem), Norway from 1959 to 1963 and listened to Radio Luxembourg almost exclusively . . . I mean, have you ever tried a steady diet of Norsk Rikskringkasting????? Really! It's great to find this page, and look forward to listening again on 'net radio. I miss the multinational European input. Madison Ave. likes to create the impression than nothing but the 'good ol' USA exists - -hyuk hyuk

83) Am 23. Juli 2000 um 08:31 Uhr schrieb Holly / Homepage

Hi there :) I´m Holly from Germany and I loved to listen to Radio Luxembourg in the good old Eighties. I have a question you may answer. There was a song they played every night just before they switched off their station. It sounded a bit like Donovan ,but I think it wasn´t him. The refrain of the song ,he played on guitar goes something like this : ".... I give you love and some rock´n´roll .... to all of you out there ... to all of you out there" . Do you have an idea who that guy is ? Is there a chance to get that record somewhere ? Please tell me if you know. Thanks in advance, Holly

82) Am 1. Juli 2000 um 23:02 Uhr schrieb Graeme Duggan

Looking for info on "EMPEROR ROSKO", Please help, info req for birthday party, but i can not tell you which one :-) Please email me. ROSKO. His old LP is now on CD "The best of the Rosko show" Rhino Records 8122-75391-2 Great stuff..... Graeme (uk)

81) Am 22. Mai 2000 um 21:23 Uhr schrieb Gronenberg Christian

Hallo! Habe heute über eine Suchmaschiene deine Seite entdeckt und muste staunen das es noch so viele Fan`s des legenderen RTL Programms gibt, ich habe schließlich fast 20 Jahre dieses Programm gehört (soweit ich es empfangen konnte). Laut "Info Sat" solls ja endlich im Sommer diesen Jahres losgehen, oder hast du inzwischen andere Infos???

80) Am 15. April 2000 um 13:27 Uhr schrieb Daniel Stopczynski

I was very pleased to see on the Internet that a radio station as famous as RTL 208 has not been forgotten. I remember growing up with Luxy in the late 1960's doing my homework in the evenings. This was the soundtrack to my youth! Well done, keep up the good site.

79) Am 10. April 2000 um 19:24 Uhr schrieb Craig Johnston / Homepage

Great site. Tony Blewitt left 208 and went to Capital Radio 604 in South Africa. "". He then went to Radio 5 (which was later renamed to 5FM). He is now on Radio Highveld. See him in his Capital 604 days at: "" Cheers. Craig

78) Am 19. März 2000 um 18:05 Uhr schrieb Ann Seggie

I cant wait to heat when the New Radio 208 will be launched, as a teen growing up in the UK, I listedned to 208 all the time!! Way to go Eric..

77) Am 19. März 2000 um 08:22 Uhr schrieb Martin J.A. / Homepage

Long ago... the station of the stars... Offshore on my tarot website (zenders)

76) Am 6. März 2000 um 04:37 Uhr schrieb Robert X. Gonzalez

I really miss Radio Luxemburg...listened to this staion daily when I lived in Germany

75) Am 2. März 2000 um 23:50 Uhr schrieb oleg / Homepage

great site!!! i remembered all those god old days/nights with the "luxy"... nostalgy... about the final song - i have some doubts - i remember the folk song; never mind; greetings to all 208 fans - keep that memory.

74) Am 2. Februar 2000 um 23:06 Uhr schrieb Ernst W. Holfelder

hallo leute, habe soeben rein zufällig deine seite gefunden, auf der suche nach fans der guten alten 208m. schade dass die jingles und so ziemlich das meiste erst aus den späteren jahren ist. ich habe 208 von 60-65 gehört (sofern man das "hören" nennen konnte hier im süden-und würde viel dafür tun, jemand zu finden mit dem ich tonbänder aus der zeit austauschen könnte. (dto AFN) Gruß aus nbg

73) Am 14. Januar 2000 um 05:14 Uhr schrieb HAROLD SULLIVAN

Please let me know when the air time is finalized. I look forward to hearing once again the great broadcasts of Radio Lux (208)

72) Am 4. Januar 2000 um 18:10 Uhr schrieb Stephan D / Homepage

Hi people !Heute immer noch kein 208 on air !! Dafür leider 2 (!) Astra-Transponder für RTL Oldie (Kotz ! welch verschwendung !). Naja, ich bleib gelegentlich am Ball ! Greatings to all 208-Freaks !

71) Am 2. Januar 2000 um 18:51 Uhr schrieb MIKE GRANT


70) Am 1. Januar 2000 um 20:33 Uhr schrieb carl kast

Its obvious now, that any english service in the name of radio luxembourg wont be on air in the next future. the major reasons are: RTL/CLTUFA dont have any business interests to launch another radio program including the big financial risc. RTL/CLTUFA dont have any interests in pushing the contract with Eric Wiltsher to have a quick start. Because they dont care. Its not their product. They are only selling the BRAND. It seems that Mr. Eric Wiltsher published his personal visions much to early. If this was a serious projekt, Mr. Eric Wiltsher published more details and reasons, why he and his partner "CLTUFA" cant be on air yet. there would have been more details on the site, too. Best wishes to Eric Wiltsher and his others, better prepaired, radio products. Professional broadcasters dont give up so early, do they. :-)

69) Am 24. Dezember 1999 um 01:55 Uhr schrieb Martin Wedge

Just when exactly IS Luxy returning to the air. Also can the people signing the guestbook please write in English as many people obviously cannot understand the messages---This isn't a site about RTL Radio / The Greatest Olides you know!

68) Am 16. Dezember 1999 um 11:44 Uhr schrieb Eugen Ennulat

208 kommt wieder? Und wie ich mich zuerst freute. Ich denke die Sache entwickelt sich mehr und mehr als unglaubwürdig. Man denke an die Zurückhaltung der CLT auf ihrer Homepage, nun die Gerüchte mit den Lizenzen (wem gehört denn nun der Mittelwellen Sender 1440)und warum nicht aus den originalen Studios der CLT, aus Luxemburg?? NO NO, da stimmt was nicht. Also Eric: Da wir keinen April haben, sieht es mir nach einem Milleniumsreinfall aus, nur warum gerade bei uns 208 Fans??? Was soll`s, also dann PROST NEUJAHR allen Wartenden Luxy-Fans, ohne THE GREAT 208. Eugen Ennulat, Kiel

67) Am 12. Dezember 1999 um 15:20 Uhr schrieb Stephan Demus / Homepage

Hi Stephan, leider bis heute (12.12.) immer noch nichts neues about 208 on ASTRA ! SORRY!

66) Am schrieb Bryan Langley

Hi thanks for an interesting site. Can you put me in touch with someone who knows about the quiz shows broadcast during the late 40's and 50's ? I'm looking for info on a comedian who called himself "Eddie Bayes - the Radio Luxembourg Gong Man" I'd be grateful for any info available. Thanks and keep up the great work. Bryan

65) Am 13. November 1999 um 00:00 Uhr schrieb Dick Offringa / Homepage

Hello, Now I am listning to satellite Astra 1A; transponder 13 (Super RTL) subcarrier 7.38/7.56. At this moment it is German RTL Oldies. But is this month it is changing to English transmissions. So, stay tuned! Dick.

64) Am 7. November 1999 um 09:59 Uhr schrieb Eugenia Cobizneac / Homepage

Very, very nice! Thank you! Yours, Eugenia

63) Am 4. November 1999 um 03:36 Uhr schrieb George

Do you know, I have monitored 1440 KHz for the past few years just in case Luxembourg returns. Guess I won't be able to hear RTL radio anymore? I won't believe it until I hear it!

62) Am 3. November 1999 um 22:26 Uhr schrieb carl_kast

(- continued from 61 below-) ...I am afraid, it will be like any other formated radio. and in the future, when its not value anylonger, they will drop it again and dont forget: why issnt CLT/UFA bradcasting the program from their OWN! big studios in luxembourg? CLT/UFA did gave away the "financial risk" to an 3rd company called DAVRIC Productions. this is how business works. nothing to do ith memories. 208 cant be the same 208 anymore. it belongs to our memories! ps: why is there no official statemant on the webpage? isnt that "relaunch" important for the biggest global player in europes radio business? maybe it isnt regards ck

61) Am 3. November 1999 um 22:24 Uhr schrieb carl kast

Radio luxembourgs english service back on the air? well, it has been the strong radio competition that killed this service, because "we didnt went with the time..", inofficial quote of the former CLT management. its an open secret, that CLT/UFA focused on atlantic 252 much earlier before the engl service closed down. 252 is still there and making lots of money for ctlufa. a new service/program cant be pushed on the radiomarket with the opinion: "we are the biggest an the best commercial radio station. here is radio luxembourg again. the great 208. the program u were listening in the past." CLT/UFA dropped this service, cause it was not value for them anylonger. it didt make any money anymore. an n o w it does? now, where we have thousands of alternitaves on sat/cable, AM and FM? CLT will publish a new alternative (I hope it will be!)for radio listeners on several media (realaudio/am/sat). this will have nothing to do with former memories. well, maybe in the beginning some listeners will compare this program to the former "208". ... (- see 62 above-)

60) Am 2. November 1999 um 23:36 Uhr schrieb Dave Lewis

Great site been looking in for some time now, just can't believe Luxy is coming back. My fondest memories I would say are around 1972-73, Mark Wesley, Paul Burnett, Baby Bob Stewart Marlborgh Country and the Power Plays directly after the news, lets hope when it returns it's the same great 208 that everyone loves and remembers so passionately

59) Am 2. November 1999 um 17:24 Uhr schrieb Dirk koplin

Good luck for the future wish I yours.

58) Am 24. Oktober 1999 um 04:59 Uhr schrieb N. Deasy / Homepage

I am so happy to hear Luxy is returning i have waited years to hear this. your web pages is great. keep up the good work.

57) Am 22. Oktober 1999 um 16:23 Uhr schrieb David Jones

I can't wait my luxy to return

56) Am 20. Oktober 1999 um 01:15 Uhr schrieb Robert Alford

Great news to hear that the Mighty 208 is back ! I JUST HOPE IT'S NOT GOING TO BE A POOR IMMITATION OF THE ORIGIONAL ! May I wish you all the very best an offer my special thanks to Stephan Konrad for making this Information available to all. Rob..

55) Am 17. Oktober 1999 um 02:37 Uhr schrieb Eivind Motland / Homepage

Very good site about Radio Luxembourg! And it was a really nice design you have done on the current schedule. Keep up the good work!

54) Am 15. Oktober 1999 um 23:22 Uhr schrieb Liz / Homepage

GENIAL!!!! en alen neien radio!!! nëmme weider sou!! =)))

53) Am 11. Oktober 1999 um 18:46 Uhr schrieb Marcel Koch

Ich hatte 208 bis zum Schluß über ASTRA gehoert. haette nie an einem re-launch geglaubt. Ich war sogar so begeistert das ich die 208 history z.groesten Teil getaped habe und daraus eine Sdg im offenen Kanal Hamburg gemacht habe. Ich freue mich auf 208 !
Gruß Marcel

52) Am 11. Oktober 1999 um 18:16 Uhr schrieb PS

That's great, so many boring and depressing AC-Radio-stations today on FM (Die groessten Hits der 80er...etcetc), I'm really looking forward to listen Luxie 208, if it REALLY comes back...I hope that's the same I can remember from the 80's on 1440 in the evenings from 19.00!

51) Am 11. Oktober 1999 um 12:58 Uhr schrieb Martin

Hey, it´s a great surprise for me to hear 208 again in the near future. I heared the last transmission on 1440 kHz many years ago. I hope I can hear the new program analog via satelite in good soundquality. Can someone tell the right TV-channel and subcarrierfrequency ? CU

50) Am 9. Oktober 1999 um 22:41 Uhr schrieb Martin J.A. / Homepage

Luxemburg was a great station. I listened to it in the seventies when the offshore stations were almost closed, except Radio Caroline. They had a good hitparade, a lot of good music and good news jingles. Also there were fast dj's. I have also put offshore radio on my page at "zenders".

49) Am 9. Oktober 1999 um 00:45 Uhr schrieb Dick Offringa / Homepage

It is a big surprise for me to hear that Radio Luxembourg, Your Station Of The Stars, is coming back on the great 298 air. It shall be a big pleasure to hear it back on the good old 208 m. I hope that it still shall have a lot of (old) listners. long live fading Radio Luxembourg!

48) Am 22. September 1999 um 10:43 Uhr schrieb Steve Ackerman

Hi! I'm making a programme for the BBC called "The Great 208 - The Story of Radio Luxembourg". I'm looking for audio / jingles and I'm also trying to find out the names of celebrities (pop stars, tv presenters) who listened to 208. Can you help? Thanks Steve Ackerman, Producer

47) Am 15. August 1999 um 21:00 Uhr schrieb MIKE GRANT


46) Am 2. August 1999 um 11:30 Uhr schrieb mike knight

Hi Stephan, Dave Christian now lives in Luxembourg and works as a money broker - he still does shows every Saturday on Sunshine Radio. Bob Stewart is now living in Dallas, Texas and is just recovering from an operation to remove a cancerous growth from his vocal chords. He talks with a whisper, but we hope with time, that he will get back some of the richness he had before. He is not currently working

45) Am 31. Juli 1999 um 15:30 Uhr schrieb Harald Günther

During the 80's, I´ve often listend luxy under the bedclothes in the evening. Until now, I´ve never heard a better Radiostation! It´s time for a comeback of the "great 208"!!!! PS: Luxy-fans please write lots of e-mails to CLT-UFA, and ask whether "Radio Luxembourg 208" comes back somedays!! The best is, if you contact "" I´am sure you will get an answer! stay tuned, Harald

44) Am 3. Juli 1999 um 09:00 Uhr schrieb Steve George

Hello Stephen, It has been a while since we communicated. I have been very busy doing Year 2000 computer fixes and have not had much time to pursue that short song excerpt we were looking for. I still have not found the source for it but it will come to me some day. You have done a really fine job on your site. Hats off to you. Cheers, Steve George

43) Am 2. Juli 1999 um 03:16 Uhr schrieb Simon Hirst / Homepage

fantastic !!!!!!!!! This is the mother of all luxy web sites, well done!!!! You may be intrested to know I have Studio copy's of all the Luxy jingles and everything that was in the studio on the last night in 1992, and 2 (esso) kenny everett shows from the master tapes in 1969 plus copys also from the orignal master tape of all the ring'a'ding swinging station of the stars jingles from the 60's. Contact by E-mail please

42) Am 6. Juni 1999 um 20:43 Uhr schrieb Keith Wallis

Very interested to see your page. I was a close friend of Stephen Williams, you was the Chief Announcer of Luxembourg from 1933 to 1939. I have a large collection of archival material. Good luck, Keith Wallis

41) Am 28. Mai 1999 um 04:32 Uhr schrieb M.TATE

this is so cool. i used to listen to radio Luxemburg when i lived in germany. thanks for the music.

40) Am 16. Mai 1999 um 22:28 Uhr schrieb DAVID PATTISON


39) Am 13. Mai 1999 um 23:20 Uhr schrieb George

Well I must say that took me back, the pictures, the info its a real cool site. Unfortunatly I could'nt hear the sound tapes. they would be great to have. I'm a mid 70s - mid 80s 208 listner mostly in the car when driving home from teaching late evening, I used to love that crackly sound it was exotic somehow. Dear old Stuart Henry was the voice I loved to listen too god bless him. Those were great radio days!

38) Am 8. Mai 1999 um 22:54 Uhr schrieb Wenlock

So THAT'S Radio Luxemburg, I'd often heard about it back in London but never heard it and still can't understand why? I was once told my radio was tuned to it, yet I was sure it was Radio 1. Oh who knows... But it's good to hear a little bit of it anyway.... Now, where might I find a bit of Laser 558? Or Caroline?

37) Am 4. Mai 1999 um 22:59 Uhr schrieb Dick Offringa / Homepage

A very nice website. Keeep on with the good work. We never must forget Our Station of the Stars!!

36) Am 12. April 1999 um 22:17 Uhr schrieb Dave Davies Cardiff Wales U K

Very interesting web site full of information and nostalgia & radio history I first tuned to 208 in 1952 at the age of 11years.. very good many thx..

35) Am 12. April 1999 um 16:15 Uhr schrieb the prague post / Homepage

Location of Chris Denning, Pankrac prison, Prague czceh Republic, charged endangering the morals of minors, arrested as part of a bust of a pornography ring, check our website for progress of his trial.

34) Am 9. April 1999 um 09:35 Uhr schrieb Christian aus Wien

During my schooldays in the late 70s / early 80s "The Great 208" was my daily companion while making my homework. I desperately waited until 8pm, when "the english service" started on 1440 kHz.

33) Am 1. April 1999 um 22:47 Uhr schrieb sabine und ronald / Homepage

Hallo! Tolle Homepage! Gefällt uns echt gut! Macht weiter so!!!

32) Am 1. April 1999 um 20:29 Uhr schrieb Anthony O.Zabelin

Browsing through the replyes, I have found the notes from OldTimers. This took me back to my early years, when I was tuning in to 208 arcoss the iron curtain here in Russia. Weak signal, lot of interference... but still THAT was the RADIO! I was listening to it all night long preparing my lessons... I do not remember the names of those brilliant people working on 208, but I still recall their voices as reference for real PROs. I am glad to have a chance to thank them at least this way. Hope this dream WILL come true. Thank You All.

31) Am 1. April 1999 um 20:13 Uhr schrieb Anthony O.Zabelin 23.03.62

I am desperate since then... Even LW "Atlantic" can not heal the wound. 208 IS the GREAT still. Do You really think it is possible to revive 208? We can only dream of this..

30) Am 31. März 1999 um 16:08 Uhr schrieb Karl Steinmetz

Found your homepage today and it brought back good memories. I only had one show on Radio Luxembourg that I listened to. It was the Import Top 20 with Tony Prince on Friday night - The Groove Top 20. I loved it because it brought the freshiest dance sounds; records that were almost impossible to buy in Germany. I taped some shows on cassette, but the quality is very very bad with lots of noise around. I am 33 now and listened to that show between 1980 and 1983. Today I am still searching for some of those records when I am in London, but it is very difficult. I also would like to complete the chart listings. Every time I listened I wrote down the ranking but I missed many shows. So maybe someone out there did the same and still has those results somewhere ? Would be fabulous.

29) Am 25. März 1999 um 22:21 Uhr schrieb Chris Shaw

Could your researchers tell me, what Noel Edmonds' first job was at Radio Luxembourg - It was not as a DJ, so what was it ?

28) Am 19. März 1999 um 00:40 Uhr schrieb James H. Temperly

I was looking through my souveniers of things that I had saved from my tours in Germany and found an open reel recording I had made from Radio Luxembourg. I seem to remember that back in the sixties we could pick up a German FM station which simulcast Radio Luxembourg from 2300 to 0400. One of the programs is the top twenty with that sweet talking guy, Stuart Grundy. I will have to check and see what else is on it. The reception is very good. I would make a cassette for you if you would like. What about the difference in cycles where you are at and in the USA. I seem to remember a difference. Anyway, if you will send me your address I will get a copy off to you. Sincerely; James H. / Temperly / P.O. Box 115 / Farley, Iowa 52046 / USA

27) Am 9. Februar 1999 um 19:29 Uhr schrieb Sjak Christiansen / Homepage

Hei Stephan! I'we been very busy lately, that's why I haven't made the ithems I promised you earlier. I have to go throught some of my things, and the I will get back to you. Sjak, Denmark

26) Am 5. Februar 1999 um 04:06 Uhr schrieb Peter Mennell

Tolle webpage! Auch ich "wuchs auf" mit Radio Luxembourg. Nur ein paar Jahre frueher als Du. Waehrend der Ben E King "Zeit" der ganz fruehen 60er Jahre. Vor der "Britischen Invasion." Radio Luxembourg, fuer England, fing ja erst abends an. Damals, vor der Einfuehrung der Sommerzeit in Deutschland, mit einer Stunde Unterschied zwischen Sommer und Winter. Wir warteten mit unseren ersten Transistorradios, drehten sie so, und wieder so fuer den besten Empfang, und liefen dann nachts durch die Strassen mit Radio Luxembourg. Der Qualitaetstest eines jeden Radios war wie der "Luxembourger" hereinkam. Zu meiner Zeit gab es ja ausser Radio Luxembourg kaum Sender die die neuesten Hits aus USA und England (Cliff Richard war ganz gross!) spielten. AFN waehrend gewisser Stunden, sonst kaum einer. Vielen Dank fuer Die Arbeit die Du Dir gemacht hast mit Deiner website! (Jetzt sollte halt vielleicht Jemand was Aehnliches fuer den ebenso einflussreichen, und toten, AFN machen.)

25) Am 20. Januar 1999 um 14:42 Uhr schrieb Steve Willis

just signing the log book, i finally found a decent website dedicated to radio Luxembourg. do you know the artist and track title of the last two track played on the closedown. i thought the last but one was neil sedaka but i think i am mistaken. i do hope that you can help and i look forward to hearing from you soon, thank you, steve willis

24) Am 18. Januar 1999 um 23:56 Uhr schrieb arturo sburro / Homepage

radio luxemburg....n°1.

23) Am 13. Januar 1999 um 06:17 Uhr schrieb Herbert Copes / Homepage

Looking up your freqs. for a 76 year old man who use to listen to you when he was a young man in the Merchant Marines.He's been looking for you for over 10 years,so he will be overjoyed I found you!!His name is "Frog" Dowdy, e-mail address is - Thanks for a great site!

22) Am 7. Januar 1999 um 01:44 Uhr schrieb Martin Wedge

If anyone knows what Rob Jones is doing now let me know. A brilliant and talented presenter who should keep his hand in and return to radio at some point.

21) Am 7. Januar 1999 um 01:40 Uhr schrieb Martin Wedge

I am pleased to see a page on Luxembourg. The English service entertained me from the mid 1970s onwards, when I first started to listen to 208. I must say that I have never found a station with a real 'feelgood factor', as that posessed by Luxy. Here in Britain, radio has become ever more stagnant and boring. Playlists are narrow, presenters have no personality and local radio is dreadful. I have great memories of Luxembourg. Whilst at school in the late 1970s, I was addicted to the Rob Jones early evening show, with the characters and phone calls. Brilliant competitions at the time, which no British station could match, like 'Where In The World'. Nightly charts were great, Beatles Hours, and Powerplays, where 208 would play all the latest releases before Radio 1 in Britain. And to top it all - great DJ's. Really I could go on and on. If Rob Jones or anyone who knows him reads this page, ask him why he does not present anymore. He was a talented presenter, who I believe has worked in various

20) Am 3. Januar 1999 um 02:01 Uhr schrieb Ernst Kåre Johannesen / Homepage

Hi! I Wish you and your family a Happy New Year. You have got some excellent pages about Radio Luxembourg. I will always send you new information about DJ if I get some new information. All the best from Ernst and family in Norway

19) Am 1. Januar 1999 um 22:40 Uhr schrieb lms

happy new year! and thanx a lot 4 great audiofiles. what if the staff of today's RTL were kind enough to re-air the whole era from 1979-1985 on the net. A re-entry of 208. There must be tons of tapes in the archives of Villa Louvigny... let it be a public demand. pass it on....

18) Am 31. Dezember 1998 um 10:30 Uhr schrieb Eivind Motland

Thank you for sharing the good, old memories of Radio Luxembourg with other people through the Internet. I came here via Herbert Pjede's link page, and I am impressed that there are people who really want to salute the great 208! I am a collector of jingles and airchecks as well, and Luxy really belong to my heart. If you are a collector or want to have some airchecks from 208, please notify me.

17) Am 15. Dezember 1998 um 20:38 Uhr schrieb Monego Fabio - 32010 Zoldo Alto-BL - Italy

Great Site! It reminds me all the nights I spent listening to the great sixties and seventies' music from 208. It was the only way here in Italy to hear the fresh music from US & GB! I think I still have many seventies' top20 charts of that era. Ciao

16) Am 5. Dezember 1998 um 13:23 Uhr schrieb val page

interesting. But what about getting hold of emperor rosko's photo... past or present. He's still around. Val

15) Am 5. Dezember 1998 um 01:33 Uhr schrieb Branko Djurdjic

This afternoon I found in garage my audio tapes from 60's and 70's and refreshing memories I realised that I have recorded entire parts of 208's broadcast: music, jingles even news. Searching the WEB I found this web-site wich is really well done tribute to "Colorful Radio Luxembourg". I absolutely agree with Mr. Stephan Konrad, 208 influenced my life too, from year 1967, I was 15 and couldn't imagine night in bed without small Sony transistor on my ear, listening my favourite radio station. Thank You - all people working for 208, DJ'S: MIKE, TONY, KID... - I'm really sorry that 208 doesn't exist today - my kids dont know what is Good Radio Station... - Thank You Stephen for this Web-Site - keeping memory on part of our lives. Branko Djurdjic, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

14) Am 28. November 1998 um 13:01 Uhr schrieb MIKE GRANT

Hi There! What a brilliant website!,im a keen collector of luxy recordings from any era but my fave time was the mid 1970s. i have many tapes for swaps including a few ex studio tapes from the mid 1970s of Mike Hollis and Rosko etc.If your interested in swapping any tapes please contact me today and we can get swapping!! In addition to luxy i also have loads of tapes of BBC radio one and also RNI and Caroline from the 70s as well as loads of american radio and worldwide stuff!! My most "remote" recording is a tape of the breakfast show from a station in Western Samoa in the middle of the pacific! looking forward to hearing from any luxy fans!! long live the memory of 208!! Any fans who want my home phone number its 01460 65748 (chard in england) mike

13) Am 12. November 1998 um 16:38 Uhr schrieb Paul Breeze

Hi Fellow 208 fans! I used to listen to 208 in the early 80s and more recently realised a lifelong ambition by working myself on Radio in Luxembourg. OK it wasn`t quite Radio Luxembourg itself, but near enough... it was actually one of the smaller local FM stations that started up after 208 was closed down. I am writing my university dissertation about Radio Luxembourg and am looking for posters, photos, adverts, magazines, recordings etc that might be of help. If any collectors reading this would be kind enough to send me photocopies or tapes of some of their treasures, I would be happy to pay back the costs involved. I don`t really have any 208 memorabilia that I could send in return but I do have some stickers and tapes from Programme Europe 2 / Radio WAKY 107FM Luxembourg from 97/98 and of course, I could offer things currently available in England. If you can help me, please send an email and I`ll come back to you with more details. Paul Breeze, University of Central Lancashire, Preston, England.

12) Am 6. November 1998 um 23:49 Uhr schrieb Andy Reeve / Homepage

I remember listening to R Luxembourg when I was at school. In particular, I used to enjoy the "Wild and Wooley and Wonderful" Mark Wesely. Does anybody have a recording of Luxy closing down for the night back in the seventies. They used to play a song which began "Maybe the morning will find the sun shining" followed by the Luxembourg National Anthem. I would love to hear it again. Hearing the Luxembourg National Anthem on the RTL oldies station on MW the other day brought the memories flooding back. Many years ago during the seventies, like others on this page, I stood outside the studios but could not get in. Keep up the good work. I will pop a link onto my site when I next update if that is ok. Best wishes, Andy

11) Am 5. November 1998 um 14:48 Uhr schrieb Sandy Milne

I remember first hearing "Light my Fire" by the Doors around 1967 on 208, and chart night as I remember had the track well up the radio stations charts possibly No 1. Can you tell me was the 208 chart in anyway linked to the UK music charts as according to the Guiness book of records the single only made 49 in the UK. Great site.

10) Am 23. Oktober 1998 um 13:46 Uhr schrieb Bo Åberg

Very nice, probably the best 208 site!!! I was a fan of the station for 20–25 years, listening to it daily. My fave deejays were Jack Jackson (the best of them all – with that well-known Decca Records signature and singing ”Oooooh It’s Saturday”, if it wasn’t Monday, of course) and Sam Costa (with sound of pouring drink and song ”Sam’s song” as theme for his ”Night caps”), both deceased. Add to ”early” and ”60’s” in your presentation of the dj’s. Alan Freeman’s ”Pops til Midnight”, ”Midnight with Matthew” (Brian M.) and Jimmy Young’s ”Miss you-messages” were other programmes I regularly listened to. Don Moss (got a signed photo of him), Keith Fordyce and Pete Murray were other favourites. Also worth a mention are greats like Chris Denning, David Symonds, Katie Boyle (”Friday Night, Saturday Morning with...), Peter Aldersley, Alan Dell (Ý) with late night jazz, Tony Hall, Mike Raven (Ý), Dwight Wylie. I also remember someone called The Baron. If you remember them and have nostalgia to share – mail me!

9) Am 12. Oktober 1998 um 17:58 Uhr schrieb Sjak

Hey! It's just so great to see yet another Radio Luxembourg site. I listened to the greates station on earth from 1989 'til the closedown in 1992. I maybe have some things you can use. First of all i have some DJ photos, but they're the same ones that you have published. When the radio was on air, a friend of mine and myself, called the station up nearly everytime Chris Holmes was on. I don't know why, but we just did. We also send some faxes to Chris, and did get a few back from him. I have a drawning made by Chris Holmes, a self portrait !?! Also we have a television program from the BBC. A program about the closedown of 208. In 1995 we've visited Luxembourg to see the old studios, but we could'nt get in. But we took some pictures of the BIG CLT building in Kirschberg and some of the grand dux palace. If you E-mail back to me we could find out of something. Again GREAT SITE. Sjak (Denmark)

8) Am 11. Oktober 1998 um 01:18 Uhr schrieb Wayne Ashcroft

Greetings! Great to see your site. With regard to the books about Luxembourg, I have one called Radio Luxembourg 1979, full of pictures and info about the station and D.J's. It was given to me in 1988 by a pen-friend who I aquired through the Luxembourg International service pen pal request programme. Now, given that there clearly still exists an international fan base for the station, surely it is possible for the supporters of the station to be organised in order to put the station back on the air. I know it seems along way away at the moment, but I believe that if enough people were involved it could be done. I am thinking particularly with the advances in Internet audio, and indeed the fact that the new Digital Cable T.V. decoders will feature FREE Internet access in the UK. I have some experience of involvement in the radio scene in the UK, having presented various types of programmes on local Pirate stations over the past 8 years. I am quite sure it is possible. Of course I do not know exactly who owns the rights to use the name Radio Luxembourg, so that might be a problem, though not an insurmountable one. As I say, I actually believe it is possible to put Radio Luxembourg back on the air. What do you think?

7) Am 10. Oktober 1998 um 00:46 Uhr schrieb Eugen Ennulat

Hi Stephan, great site! I'd like to get in touch with other 208 listeners from around the world. Please phone me for tapes and memories exchange. Eugen Ennulat / D - 24114 Kiel / +49 (0)431 661 4376 Eugen

6) Am 6. Oktober 1998 um 21:43 Uhr schrieb Roberth Walve

Great site! Keep it up! Roberth

5) Am 4. Oktober 1998 um 21:49 Uhr schrieb Eivind Motland

Very good site with pictures of the Luxembourg legends! Although you do not have pictures of all, it is interesting to know the name of most of them. There were som names I didn't know about, even after so many years! I listened to the great Luxembourg transmissions on medium wave, and on satellite when the station was near to close. Just GREAT memories that I will remember for the rest of my life. P.S.: I have a large collection of Luxembourg airchecks, but I am looking for more. If you want some copies, or you do have something in your collection from the great, legendary station, don't hesitate to contact me. I am available at the following address: Eivind Motland / Svaneveien 17 / N - 4300 SANDNES / NORWAY. Yours sincerely, Eivind

4) Am 19. September 1998 um 22:03 Uhr schrieb Terry / Homepage

Well done - good site design. Look forward to hearing the jingles & airchecks when they are ready. Terry

3) Am 15. September 1998 um 16:18 Uhr schrieb Bob Murawka

Hallo Stephan, liebe 208 Fans, wäre schön was mehr über euch zu erfahren, da ich ähnlich wie Stephan schon sehr früh mit 16 Jahren zu den großen Fans von 208 gehörte und auch selbst oft bei Bob Stewart im Studio war. Mehr Infos meinerseits demnächst. Gruß, Bob Murawka

2) Am 9. September 1998 um 12:23 Uhr schrieb Herbert Pjede / Homepage

Hello Stephan, what a brilliant web site; my honest congratulations. I'll have do something on my page to offer the same quality ;-)) Details will follow by e-mail shortly. Keep up the good work! Herbert

1) Am 9. September 1998 um 02:08 Uhr schrieb Stephan Konrad


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